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Tess and Jeroen

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Our Story

It all started in Pacific Beach, California in June of 2018. Tess and Jeroen had both just graduated from college and were out with their best friends Jordan and Marc. They walked by each other at a local bar called Duck Dive and hit it off immediately. They danced all night together and then parted ways after exchanging numbers. Two weeks later, they had their first date at a local restaurant called JRDN. This is where they soon found out that Tess was moving into a home that was two blocks away from Jeroen! For those first seven months, they would walk back and forth to each other’s homes and would plan dates around Pacific Beach. They went on their first trip together to Palm Springs and took a camping trip to Big Sir and Pismo Beach. Little did they know that chance meeting at Duck Dive would lead to a lifelong love.
Jeroen moved back to the Netherlands after seven months of young love in Pacific Beach. They we were determined to make the long-distance relationship work. Jeroen’s parents, Annemieke and Peter, flew Tess out to her first trip to the Netherlands to visit him a few months after he moved. They dreamed about all the different countries they could move to be together and had some serious plans to move to Australia in order to be together. They made the most of their distance and traveled to Paris and Mykonos together during this time. They did long distance for two and a half years, flying back and forth whenever they could. Despite the distance, their love only grew stronger during this time.
Then, in 2020, the world was hit with a pandemic. This changed everything, including their big plans to move to Australia together. They had to cancel their visa applications and were left unsure of what the future held. But even during this, they were determined to be together. So, they decided it was best if Jeroen moved “back home” to San Diego, CA. It was a long journey, but so worth it.
Fast forward to the May 17th, 2021, Jeroen and Tess eloped at the Santa Barbara Courthouse. It was intimate and emotional as they felt the excitement and thrill of starting life together. They rented a 1960 Corvair that was a classic convertible, with a soft-top that was rolled down to enjoy the perfect day in the charming downtown Santa Barbara.
Tess and Jeroen enjoyed their first year of marriage to the fullest in Del Mar, CA. In a small apartment close to the beach, they started plotting their plans to become homeowners. In March 2022, they were able to close on a beautiful craftsman-style house, with a spacious front porch and a back unit to renovate. They fell in love with the unique features, such as the hardwood floors, the original 1920s glass windows. They love the feeling of having a place that is truly theirs, a space where they can build memories and grow as a family.
Jeroen asked Tess to marry him… again! On March 18th, 2023, they took a trip to Palm Springs and Jeroen went down on one knee. Tess and Jeroen decided early on in their elopement journey that they wanted to wait on rings till their big celebration with their loved ones. It was a special moment for Jeroen to propose again after two lovely years of marriage already.
Now, they are excited to share that after three years of dating and three years of marriage, they are finally getting to celebrate their lovely marriage with their loved ones. Tess and Jeroen can't wait to celebrate their love with family and friends and start this new chapter of their lives together. They are grateful for the love and support that they have received along the way and are looking forward to making more memories with each other.